Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under its wise leadership, witnesses a special interest in the concept of sustainable development which it considers one of the pillars of achieving its future vision. Higher Education Fund is a good example as it became one of the most important funding sources for the academic, educational and developmental projects in the Saudi state universities. In order to enhance the role of the fund, the board of directors, chaired by His Highness Minister of Education, set goals and strategies to enable the fund cope with KSA 2030 vision and universities vision represented in exploiting and maximizing their financial resources in their accounts with the fund. This will be achieved through deliberate scientific and professional plans that entitles the fund to enter into economically feasible investments While maintaining a low risk ratio that ensures continuous cash flows To enable the fund perform its role to be a tributary supporting the funding of the universities to raise their academic level and achieve the highest quality standards of education. Finally, We hope God will grant us all success to serve our generous homeland.     


                                             Dr. Abdullah Mohammed ALDekhail