After issuance of the council of ministers’ resolution for the establishment of the Higher Education Fund and reorganization and rationalization of students’ rewards in the sectors of higher education, HEF allocated a special independent account for each university or educational institution of its beneficiaries to receive their deposits and keep their savings in order to achieve financial sustainability for them. The profits and returns of the investment transactions made by the fund are added to the balances of these accounts in addition to the gifts and contributions of the private sector which reinforces such balances. Since the establishment of the fund in 2001, the universities started transferring the amounts they acquire through rationalizing the students’ rewards and the returns of using the universities facilities as well as the financial returns allocated to the universities against the services, studies and researches they provide. The total amount transferred by the universities to the fund up to the end of 2019 exceeded (6,000,000,000) six billion Riyal.