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HEF is managed by a board of directors chaired by His Highness Minister of Education. The members of the board are representatives of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy & Planning, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, three members representing the universities and three members of efficient and experienced businessmen


More About HEF
The Council of Ministers’ resolution No. (216) was issued on 08/09/1421H (04/12/2000) to reorganize the rewards of the students in the sectors of the higher education and the establishment of the “Higher Education Fund” was approved to reflect the interest of the wise leadership in the higher education sector and its role in achieving the objectives
Our Goals

The fund has a legal personality and administrative and financial independence. The board of directors set general objectives as a wide and continuous framework to develop the educational ability of the universities and diversify their financial resources in a way that benefit all their academic and practical programs in quantity and quality. The goals of the fund as stated by its board of directors are: 


Develop the higher education and increase the universities ability to perform its role that meets the requirements of development.


Diversify the funding sources of universities and develop its mechanisms.


increase the universities own resources and enabling universities to go forward in rationalizing and organizing the rewards.


Invest funds efficiently and effectively to support the available financial resources of the universities.


Benefit from the returns of the services provided by the universities and receive the contributions of the private sectors.

Our Partners
Funding mechanism
Funding request must

commit to the Funding mechanism

Where our organization works according to specific steps, for a funding request
for the funding request

It is studied by the General Secretariat

Its requirements and statutes are completed according to the funding mechanism, and the Consulting Committee studies all funding requests submitted by universities and referred to it by the General Secretariat.
Send recommendations

To the Board of Directors

about the funding request
Board of Directors


funding request in the meeting
In Case Of


The university requests the amount of funding for the project, according to the period of project implementation
Total funded amounts (billion Saudi riyals)
Funded Projects
What do we fund?

Funding projects on approved classifications From Board of Directors  for these projects as follows:


funding the purchase of devices and providing laboratory requirements


Fund the Establishing of new colleges and expand existing colleges that serve the market


Supporting academic and academic programs for universities.


Providing other requirements such as the urgent needs of university hospitals and others


Providing scholarships and students employing


Funding programs, centers and scientific research

Until the end of 2019, approximately 519 projects were funded with a total amount of 2,129,925,973 riyals

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